How To

How to use the dish washer

  • Open and load the dishwasher, make sure the dirty side faces the water spray.
  • Fill the detergent dispenser in the grey soap place
  • Make sure you close the dishwasher.
  • Click 电源 (power) button, the first round button from the left side
  • Click 洗涤块 (detergent) button, the seocnd square one from the left side
  • Click 程序选择 (model select) button to select washing model, the button is the third one from right side
  • 强力洗 (heavy wash)
  • 标准洗 (standard wash)
  • 经济洗 (power saving model)
  • 及时洗 and 快速洗 (light wash)
  • 冲洗 (rinse)
  • Click 高温煮洗 (hot wash) button, the second from the right side
  • Click 启动/暂停 (start/pause button, the first one from the right side)
  • warning: once dish washer is started, it can only be paused. Wash model can not be reselected.


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  • UUID: 53D08A02-9C61-4DD2-8BA3-6619DA27A8D1