Bread Machine

Panasonic SD-255

How To

For a delightful breadmaking experience

Bread Recipe by Ely Mayer

  • Water (水): 230g;
  • Flour (面粉): 500g;
  • Salt (盐): 1 spoon;
  • Sugar (糖): 1 spoon;
  • Yeast (酵母): 2 spoon;
  • Milk (牛奶): 1 spoon;
  • Oliver oli(橄榄油): 2 spoon.
  • (Bake 6.5 hours)

Baking Steps

  1. Insert the container in the machine put it on the scale; make sure the blade is fixed inside;
  2. Press "On" button on the scale twice until it will shows 0g with the container;
  3. Put materials in the list one by one. Press "On" button on the scale after each step is done;
  4. Put the containter inside the machine;
  5. Long press button "启动" to open the machine; press button "重量" to choose "2斤"(1 kilos);
  6. Press button"菜单" to choose "法式面包" (the 6th choice) on the menu;
  7. Press button"烧色" to choose "深烧色". The final setting should be like the picture;
  8. Press button "启动" and wait for 6.5 hours

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